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inRetail Suite



inTariff offers multifaceted retail energy tariff structuring and analysis capabilities for both power and natural gas. inTariff boasts robust configuration options that enable users to structure and build complex retail energy tariffs without the need for additional development. When coupled with Intelometry’s inTariff Library, inTariff becomes even more powerful, housing over three hundred tariffs for many utilities across the U.S.

inTariff permits analysis of historical tariffs as well as the ability to forecast tariffs beyond their expiration dates for any utility or customer type. Analyses can be generated for any historical or future time period. inTariff also enables comparisons of tariff and market supply costs to generate customer savings evaluations. In addition, powerful reporting detailing tariff cost breakdowns enable pricing analysts and originators to compute savings analyses to support sales functions.

Tariff Structuring

inTariff’s state of the art configuration capabilities enable users to structure delivery services, demand based, time of use, and hourly tariffs without the need for additional development. Tariff history is always maintained with any tariff update and users can easily audit tariff structures and values. Tariff charges can be structured to calculate against any energy or demand meter measurement, capacity or transmission obligation. In addition, flat and monthly tariff charges can also be configured.

  • Complex Tariff Structures Configured through User Interface with no Additional Development
  • Utilize Complex Tariff Structures, such as, Delivery Service, Energy, Demand, Time of Use, Hourly, etc. in any Tariff
  • Maintain Historical Tariffs
  • Structure Tariffs for any Utility
  • Structure Tariffs for any Customer Type
  • Structure Bypassable, Non-Bypassable or Full Tariffs

Tariff Analysis

The inTariff analysis engine combines maximum flexibility with an efficient workflow enabling users to run complex tariff scenarios quickly and accurately. Tariff analyses have the ability to show calculations against both customer load and customer class definitions. A tariff analysis can be run for any historical or future time period. Tariff to supply cost comparisons can also be generated to produce savings analyses.

  • Generate Tariff Analyses Against Single Meter or Multi-Meter Accounts
  • Run Tariff Analysis for any Historical or Forecast Period
  • Create Headroom Analyses Comparing Tariff to Market Supply Costs
  • Ability to View and Refresh Previously Run Tariff Analyses When Prices Change
  • Ability to Copy and Modify Previously Run Tariff Analyses to Create One-Off Analyses

Tariff Analysis Reporting

Tariff analyses generated by inTariff produce an array of analysis reports designed to meet the needs of the deal flow process. Complex tariff analysis reports detail tariff cost breakdowns and enable pricing analysts and originators to compute savings analyses to support sales functions. Further, more detailed reports that breakdown tariff calculations and inputs allow users to audit any tariff. Reports generated by inTariff as part of each tariff run include:

  • Audit Report
  • Internal Report
  • Savings Report