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inRetail Suite



Intelometry’s inData facilitates the setup of customer and prospect information along with management of key tasks associated with the retail energy pre-pricing process. inData allows the user to easily setup account, facility and meter information, expedite the acquisition, import and processing of historical and billing usage data, aggregate and profile meters, forecast and backcast meter data, run usage data diagnostics and more.

Account Management

inData enables the user to setup both prospect and customer account information and then manage this information through the deal life cycle, renewals and all manner of account information updates.

  • Manage Account, Facility, Meter Hierarchy
  • Bulk Creation of Accounts
  • Track Account Demographic Data
  • Manage Prospects and Customers
  • Track Credit and Related Status and Data
  • Support Sales and Opportunity Reporting
  • Setup and track parent account relationships

Data Import

inData enables the user to import and process customer and prospect usage data, load profiles, forward curves, loss factors and other data required for retail pricing. The import mechanisms are straight forward and easy to use. Standard import templates are provided in Excel and contain detailed instructions. In addition, inData also enables:

  • Import and process historical usage and billing usage files provided in an array of formats by over sixty (60) utilities nationwide
  • Access and Utilize Standard Templates for Indices, Profiles, Losses, Usage and Key Reference Data Directly from the System
  • Couple with Data Analyzer for Wholesale Market Data Management
  • Complex Error Messaging and Exception Reporting
  • Record and Access Every File Ever Imported

Data Acquisition

inData enables the user to request historical and billing data from over sixty (60) utilities directly from the system. All data requests are tracked and the user is notified when the process is complete or when issues arise. When data is acquired it is automatically imported and processed by the system.

  • Request Historical Usage Data via Email, Webscrape, EDI and ROI
  • Request Billing Data via EDI or Available Methods
  • Detailed Tracking of Requests Status, Associated Issues and Resolution
  • Easy to Follow Data Request Process Work Flow
  • Automated Processing of High Volume Data
  • Assign Key Attributes for Pricing (Loss Factors, Load Profiles, Zones, etc.)

Meter Data Management

inData enables the user to manage and track meter data, aggregate and profile meters and forecast and/or backcast meter data using regression, usage factors or calendar mapping. inData will automatically fill missing data when processing raw meter usage and alert the user when a number of conditions are identified upon data import.

  • Leverage Historic Usage and Billing Usage at any Granularity
  • Validate Data Quality, Fill and Forecast Missing Data
  • Convert Monthly Data to Hourly Using Load Profiles
  • Configurable Meter Types (TOU, Demand, etc.)
  • Aggregate Meter Data by Account, Utility, Voltage Level, Zone and other Attributes
  • Forecast & Backcast Meter Data Using a Variety of Methods Including Regression, Usage Factor and Calendar Map