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inRetail Suite



Intelometry inBilling is a powerful billing system that facilitates complex and mass market invoicing, robust customer service functions along with a wide-ranging set of financial management tools. With inBilling the most complex product structures can be invoiced and managed eliminating the need for manual billing. Powerful customer service functions foster exceptional customer care and account support services. inBilling even offers a customer facing portal where customers can manage their invoicing needs directly.


inBilling was specifically developed to enable invoicing of the most complex deal structures offered in the retail energy arena. Users can configure and invoice fixed price, block and index, all manner of passthrough scenarios, heat rate, banded products and more without the need for additional development. Further, when used together with Intelometry’s inPricing, product structures configured for pricing will automatically flow through to billing, so any product priced can be automatically invoiced.

  • Define Complex Billing Templates
  • Summary or Single
  • Detailed Auditability
  • Dual and Consolidated Billing
  • Configurable Statements
  • Complex Distribution
  • Integrated Tax Calculations

Customer Service

inBilling provides outstanding customer service tools enabling retail energy suppliers to offer exceptional assistance to their customers. With an easy to use customer transaction ledger, payment acceptance options, quick access key information and more inBilling empowers any customer care team to provide excellent service. In addition, inBlling empowers customers to help themselves with a customer facing self service portal.

  • Detailed and Easy to Use Customer Transaction Ledger
  • Accept Payments from Credit Card/ACH/Lock Box
  • Quickly Access Key Information for Customer Care
  • Enable Customer Self Service with Portal
  • Flexible Reporting to Assist in Answering Customer Questions

Financial Management

inBilling offers a powerful set of financial reporting tools that make the accounting associated with invoicing easy. From configuration of account codes, to a flexible general ledger, actualization reporting and more the financial management tools of inBilling ensure that each billing transaction is fully accounted for from a financial perspective.

  • Configurable Accounting Codes
  • Supports Multiple Operating Companies
  • Flexible General Ledger
  • Actualization Reporting
  • Configurable Adjustment Templates
  • Easy to Use Cash Applications