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inRetail Suite



inPricing offers complex and mass market retail energy product structuring and pricing capabilities for both power and natural gas. inPricing boasts robust configuration options that enable users to structure and build complex retail energy products without the need for additional development. Further, an array of options and tools enable users to quickly modify existing products as well as create new ones when the quotation process calls for a customized approach.

inPricing offers a robust quotation engine as well that enables maximum flexibility during the pricing process. Finished quotes can be refreshed manually or automatically, as well as copied to create “one-off” quotes that contain desired modifications from the base quote. Group by functionality and combined product options allow the user to run multiple quotes on multiple products at the same time greatly reducing turnaround times for getting price results to a prospect or broker.

Product Structuring

inPricing’s state of the art configuration capabilities enable users to design and build fixed price, index, block, and heat rate products as well as power and gas locks, banded products and more. Robust flexibility in charge settings allow for charges to be set as optional or mandatory on quotes, be fixed price, index or calculation based, and calculate against any usage or demand measurement. ISO capacity and transmission obligation calculations can be entered directly into the system enabling inPricing to accurately convert tags to obligations or calculate obligations from scratch.

  • Complex Product Structures Configured through User Interface with no Additional Development
  • Configuration of Combined Products that Enable Quotation of Multiple Products with a Single Quote
  • Utilize any Energy, Demand, Heat Rate, and Customized Measurements in any Product Structure
  • Configuration of Customizable Date Profiles to Denote Peak and Off Peak Periods
  • Complex Capacity and Transmission Obligation Calculation Options
  • Flexibility in Charge Design Enabling Optional and Passthrough Charges
  • Copy Functionality Enabling the Creation of One-Off Products Quickly to Accommodate RFP Deadlines

Price Quotation

The inPricing quotation engine combines maximum flexibility with an efficient workflow enabling users to run complex pricing scenarios quickly and accurately. This functionality minimizes quote turn-around times enabling pricing desks to meet the fast paced needs of internal sales teams and brokers. Further, robust account and meter selections, group by options, and price and volume settings enable robust internal and customer based quote reporting.

  • Generate Complex Price Quotes Based on Specific Meter Volumes and other Attributes
  • Run Quotes utilizing Meter Read Cycles to Capture Ramping
  • Enable Manual and Automated Quote Refreshes
  • Copy Quotes to Create One-Off Scenarios
  • Quote Multiple Meters for Multiple Terms on Multiple Products
  • Easily Handles Fixed, Index, Heat Rate, Blocks, Power & Gas Locks, Banded Products and more
  • Group Quotes by Meter, Facility, Utility, Zone, Account or Purchasing Group to Create Master and Associated Sub-quotes

Quote Reporting

Price quotes generated by inPricing produce an array of quote reports designed to meet the needs of all entities involved in the deal flow process. Complex quote analysis reports that detail cost of goods sold (COGS), margin, deal volumes, capacity and transmission obligations, price curves and calculations utilized provide a full range of tools for analysts and supply desks to audit and manage each quote. Further, customized reports illustrating high level quote information can be put directly in front of a customer or prospect. Reports generated by inPricing as part of each quote include:

  • Structuring Report
  • Internal Report
  • Customer Report
  • Hedge Report
  • Monthly Valuation Report
  • Audit Report