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inRetail Suite



inPortfolio is a powerful load forecasting and position management system that offers portfolio managers unparalleled capability to effectively assess and manage load and energy deal obligations and risks. inPortfolio works seamlessly with inContracts and inBilling so that new deals and billing data are automatically processed into load forecasts and position reporting.

Load Forecasting

inPortfolio utilizes a state of the art load forecasting method which tailors the load forecast of each utility service area to be consistent with the settlement method employed by each utility. In this manner forecasting errors are reduced. Sophisticated grouping options allow for load forecasts to be aggregated by customer type and deal definitions as well as by utility, zone, state and ISO.

inPortfolio integrates seamlessly with inContracts so new or modified deals are automatically incorporated into the forecast upon deal close or when deals are amended. inPortfolio integrates seamlessly with inBilling as well, allowing for forecasts to be modified as soon as new billing files are processed. Not using inContracts and/or inBilling? No problem. inPortfolio can also be integrated to any deal capture or billing system so that load forecasts are updated with new data. inPortfolio also integrates to a number of weather services and can process weather data as often as may be required by the user.

  • Short and Long-Term Bottom-Up Energy and Capacity Forecasting
  • Highly Scalable
  • Weather Service Integration
  • Dynamic Integration of Historic and Billing Usage Data into Forecast
  • Variance Reporting by Comparing Backcast to Settlement Data

Position Management

inPortfolio boasts a sophisticated position management apparatus that empowers portfolio managers to fully assess and control the full range of deal specific obligations. Positions for any time of use period can be configured and run for any customer load or cost component of any complex deal. Further, fixed price and passthrough obligations can be shown separately and positions can be aggregated by customer type and deal definitions as well as by utility, zone, state and ISO.

  • Configurable Exposure Definition
  • Position Reporting on Any Exposure (Hub, Basis, Ancillaries, etc.)
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Mark to Market Reporting (Day over Day Change or as Costed)
  • Computed Hourly to Maintain Rollup Ability