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inRetail Suite



Intelometry inContracts was developed to manage all aspects of the deal close and contracting process from contract addenda setup and generation to deal capture and post deal contract management. inContracts contains a robust set of tools that enable users to set up and generate deal specific contract addenda and associated documents without the need for additional development. With inContracts users can also manage the entire scope of the deal close process with functionality supporting multi-level contract approvals and a contract builder workflow that enables the capture of contract parameters, cost of goods sold (COGS), contract volumes and more. inContracts offers functions to close mass market deals as well, expediting the setup and capture of contracts associated with matrix priced deals where customer usage and associated attributes are not fully known until after the deal is finalized.

Once a deal has been closed inContracts continues to deliver with tools enabling users to trigger enrollments as well as manage all aspects of post deal close contracting essentials from layering hedges and adding meters to management of evergreens, cancelations and renewals. Further, inContracts generates risk and volume reporting for mid office functions and invoicing determinants for back office functions.

Addenda Setup

inContract enables users to create and modify contract addenda and associated documents without the need for additional development. Contract documents can be created in MS Word and imported into the system through the user interface. Addenda inserts, tables and customized layouts can all be configured through the user interface as well. This state of the art functionality allows for short lead times when creating new addenda or modifying existing addenda for custom deals.

  • Draft Addenda and Associated Document in MS Word and Import into the System via UI
  • Define Addenda Inserts and tables without Additional Development
  • Tie Options and Labels Associated with Structured Products Directly to Addenda
  • Enable Addenda to show Passthrough and Included Charges based on Price Quote

Addenda Generation

Once configured, addenda and associated documents will automatically populate when running a price quote. Options selected during the quote process will automatically populate addenda fields and tables. When the quote run is complete addenda documents can be combined into a single document or generated as multiple documents in MS Word or PDF. Override options enable users to make changes to generated addenda post quote directly through the user interface in order to accommodate new agreements that occur as part of deal negotiations.

  • Generate Deal Specific Addenda Documents based on Quote Parameters
  • Automatically Populate Usage Tables and Complex Price Structures
  • Generate Contracts as Single or Multiple Documents in PDF or MS Word
  • Modify and Save Contract Changes through the UI post Quote Generation

Deal Close

inContracts offers robust tools to accommodate the entire deal close process including contract approval, deal capture, enrollments and risk reporting. An easy to follow deal close workflow through the system’s contract builder enables users to manage the close process, capture last minute changes, import signed documents, initiate enrollment requests and generate post deal reports for the supply desk and back office.

  • Manage Contract Status and Determinants
  • Initiate Enrollments
  • Use Enrollment Data to Update Flow Dates
  • Manage Add/Deletes
  • Convert Quotes to Contracts
  • Generate Risk Reporting

Contract Management

After a deal has been closed inContract continues to deliver with versatile instruments enabling users to manage renewals and evergreens, layer hedges, add meters and more. Further, inContracts provides the tools to effectively integrate with any billing system and pass all necessary information to facilitate invoicing.

  • Manage Detailed View of Contract Obligations Including Renewals, Evergreens, and Layered Hedges
  • COGS and Contract Volume Reporting to Mid and Back Office Functions
  • Pass Pricing Determinants to Automatically Configure Invoicing
  • Configure Invoice Settings and Statement Distribution Rules
  • Manage Complex Hedge Volumes