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inRetail Suite

Data Analyzer

Data Analyzer

Intelometry established Data Analyzer to produce a consolidated data warehouse area for reporting and analytics. This area includes the entire retail and wholesale energy value chain. Data analyzer offers energy suppliers the ability to collect, store and easily access a multitude of energy data sets used to support retail and wholesale energy functions. Data stored can be easily accessed directly by the user, exported to Excel or utilized by Data Analyzer analysis tools to perform an array of analysis options.

Energy Data Collection, Import and Store

Data Analyzer continually collects and stores data from ISOs, wholesale data exchanges, utilities and weather data services. Data can be also manually imported into Data Analyzer using an array of Excel based import templates. This data can be easily exported by the user to Excel or migrated to inRetail or other systems. Data regularly collected and stored by Data Analyzer includes:

  • ISO Market Data
  • Wholesale Market Data
  • ISO and Utility Load Data
  • Utility Settlement Load Profiles
  • Utility and ISO Loss Factors, Deration and UFE Data
  • Weather Data

Load Profile Generation

Data Analyzer can generate weather normalized utility load profile forecasts and backcasts using the weather response functions (WRFs) posted by numerous utilities as well as WRFs developed by Intelometry. In addition, Data Analyzer enables the user to enter customized weather response functions as desired. Data Analyzer easily integrates to standard weather data services and weather stations can be effortlessly configured by the user through Data Analyzer’s user interface.

  • Generate Load Profile Forecasts and Backasts using Complex WRFs
  • Integration with Weather Data service Providers
  • Setup of Load Profiles, Profile Generation Templates and WRFs through User Interface
  • Export Profile Data to Excel or Migrate Data to inRetail Modules for Analysis
  • Setup Batch Processes to Automatically Generate and Migrate Profiles as Needed

Data Export

All data sets housed in Data Analyzer can be easily exported by the user to Excel and the system will also e-mail the user desired outputs. Data Analyzer further enables the user to convert data upon export to different time zones, granularity or to even combine curves to create new data sets.

  • Export Data Sets to Excel
  • Automatically E-mail Data to User Upon Request
  • Shift Time Zones of Hourly Data as Desired Upon Export
  • Combine Curves and Convert Granularities Upon Export or Migration (for example, combine a separate on and off peak monthly curve into one hourly curve)
  • Set Automated Export and Migration Processes to Support Daily Operations

Data Migration and Integration

All data sets housed in Data Analyzer can be easily migrated to inRetail modules to facilitate and support the multitude of inRetail functions including pricing, tariff analyses, load forecasting, position management, and billing. Further, Data Analyzer can be set to migrate data to other systems or a File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

  • Migrate Data to inRetail via Manual or Automated Processes
  • Automatically E-mail Notifications Regarding Migration Completion or Issues
  • Shift Time Zones, Combine Curves and Convert Granularities Upon Migration
  • Set Parameters that Notify the User When a Migrated Data Set Exceeds a Change Threshold

Analysis Tools

Data Analyzer houses analysis tools that enable the user to graph and compare time series data for forward and historical price curves, load profiles, loss factors and more. Data Analyzer analysis tools allow the user to examine market changes, compare one market to another or track market performance for varying time periods. Data Analyzer analysis tools allow the user to evaluate the following:

  • Forward Curves and ISO Data
  • Utility Load Profiles
  • ISO and Utility Loss Factors
  • All Manner of Weather Data for any Weather Station