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Data Services

Utility Tariff Library

Utility Tariff Library

Intelometry both builds and maintains over three hundred utility tariffs for many utilities and their associated ISOs nationwide and makes these tariffs available to Intelometry Utility Tariff Library subscribers. Utility Tariff Library provides users with preconfigured rate schedules for a multitude of customer classes and is backed by Intelometry’s firsthand experience with retail energy market design, rules, and operations. Each rate in the Intelometry’s Utility Tariff Library is reviewed monthly on a set schedule by a dedicated team of Intelometry professionals. Tariff updates and associated impacts are detailed in weekly reports provided to Intelometry Utility Tariff Library subscribers.

Intelometry’s Utility Tariff Library saves our customers hundreds of man hours and associated cost that would otherwise be incurred modeling utility tariffs, keeping up with market changes, and producing customer savings estimates when soliciting customers. Intelometry also maintains the history of every tariff we follow enabling our clients to run backward looking scenarios that can demonstrate actual savings to their customers.

In addition to maintaining historical rates, Intelometry provides a three year forward view of each tariff. Intelometry does this by forecasting tariff prices beyond their expiration dates by utilizing the procurement method employed by each utility to generate the forecast. When new tariff prices are published these prices override the forecast ensuring that the most up to date figures are always utilized.

Tariff Storage and Maintenance

Intelometry models and maintains a full set of utility tariffs for many utilities and their associated ISOs nationwide. Intelometry stores the full history of each tariff we follow along with a forecasted view of each tariff for periods extending beyond tariff price expiration dates. When a utility updates tariff charges, tariff structure, or introduces a new tariff Intelometry will review the change and update Intelometry’s Utility Tariff Library accordingly.

  • Access to Utility Tariffs for Many Utilities and their Associated ISOs Nationwide
  • Utility Tariff Library Includes Residential, Commercial and Industrial Tariffs
  • Maintenance and Storage of Historical Utility Tariffs
  • Generation of Utility Based Tariff Forecasts
  • Dedicated Team Checks and Updates over 300 Tariffs each Month

Tariff Forecasting

Intelometry forecasts utility tariff prices beyond their expiration dates by employing a unique forecast methodology for each utility. This methodology utilizes each utility’s own procurement method and auction price results combined with forward market settlement prices. Tariff forecasts are updated each month as market conditions change, thereby offering the most up to date view of potential tariff changes.

  • Forecasts of Utility Tariff Charges Beyond their Expiration Dates
  • Forecasts are Based on Each Utility’s Procurement Method and are Unique to Each Utility
  • Monthly Updates of Each Tariff Forecast to Accommodate Changes in Market Conditions
  • Forecasted Rates Generated using a Combination of Utility Auction Results and Forward Market Prices

Documentation and Reporting

Intelometry’s Market Analytics Group (“MAG”) regularly monitors all tariffs contained as part of Inetlometry’s Utility Tariff Library. Whenever a utility updates an existing tariff or issues a new tariff Intelometry MAG will review the change and update Intelometry’s Utility Tariff Library accordingly. Subscribers to Intelometry’s Utility Tariff Library receive notice when such updates occur that detail the precise nature and impact of the change.

Subscribers to Intelometry’s Utility Tariff Library can rest assured that the utility tariffs they utilize for savings analyses and retail service compliance are always up to date and accurate. Intelometry’s Utility Tariff Library eliminates the need for structuring desks to engage in never ending research to stay in step with utility changes.

  • Maintenance of Utility Tariff Sheets and Associated Documentation
  • Reporting of Utility Tariff Rate Changes and Associated Impacts
  • Analysis of Overall Tariff Cost Impact whenever a Tariff Charge is Updated
  • Tariff Price Trend Analysis Reporting