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Data Services

Quotation Services

Quotation Services

Intelometry regularly maintains forward curves for energy, capacity, transmission, ancillary services and other retail uplifts for many utilities and their associated ISOs nationwide. Intelometry also collects and generates settlement and forecast load profiles and loss factors daily for the same utilities and ISOs. Finally, Intelometry maintains numerous retail energy product structures including fixed price full requirements, block and index, heat rate, banded products and more. Utilizing this internal data, Intelometry provides Quotation Services to retail suppliers, brokers, energy users and other Intelometry customers.

Quotation Services entail Intelometry calculating the cost to serve a retail energy end user or end user class for a specified time period based on a given product type. As part of this service Intelometry will either consume usage data provided for a specific end user or estimate the usage based on the associated utility load profile and best available information. Intelometry will profile and forecast customer usage for a specified time period and then calculate this load against a stipulated product type to generate quotes as requested.

Reports generated for each quote illustrate monthly cost breakdowns, usage, demand, capacity & transmission obligations and more. Quote reports are provided in standardized easy to consume formats that customers can access directly from the Intelometry inRetail system, via a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Intelometry can e-mail them as requested.

  • Custom or Matrix Price Quotes for a Multitude of Products and Service Areas Across the Country
  • Quotes can be Run for Any Historical or Future Time Period
  • Profiling and Forecasting of Customer Usage Data Provided in Utility Based or Generic Formats
  • Generation and Forecasting of Rate Class Load Shapes based on Utility Definition
  • Capacity and Transmission Obligation Estimation and Forecasting
  • Quote Reports Illustrating Monthly Breakdown of Cost of Good Sold (COGS), Load Analytics and More
  • Sensitivity and Risk Exposure Analyses
  • Impact Analysis of Addition of Onsite Generation or Solar Panel