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Data Services

Market Monitoring

Market Monitoring

Staying current with retail energy market activity across the country is difficult. Regulated rate structures undergo perpetual change based on unpredictable outcomes of regulatory processes, while wholesale and ancillary markets continually fluctuate. To help assimilate the plethora of multifaceted regulated and market based information into sound retail energy marketing and operational decisions Intelometry has developed inMontior; a retail energy market monitoring service designed to quickly provide decision making tools in an easy to understand format.

For Energy Suppliers

When Should I Enter a Market?
How Can I use Market Data to Advance Regulatory Positions?
Where Are the “Sweet Spot” Opportunities Within a Specific Utility Market?
How Should I Segment my Sales Efforts?
What is the Migration Risk Associated with Standard Offer or POLR Supply?

For Energy Consumers

Which Markets Offer the Most Savings Opportunity?
When Should I go out to Bid for My Energy Supply?
How Much am I Likely to Pay for Fixed Price Supply?

How Does Intelometry Do It?

Intelometry’s staff has years of practical experience working in retail and wholesale energy markets. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to combine the complexities of these markets to support decision making. On the retail front, Intelometry has built a library that can easily calculate utility tariffs across most deregulated markets in North America. Intelometry provides this library as a discrete service called inTariff, and also leverages this capability to provide inMonitor.

To estimate wholesale costs of providing retail service, Intelometry has also constructed and maintains forward energy, capacity and ancillary service curves in order to capture the costs that a supplier would incur to provide service to a retail consumer. Lastly, Intelometry builds a set of common residential, commercial and industrial market segments in order to understand the economics associated with different types of customers.

How is the Service Offered?

Intelometry provides inMonitor on a turn-key subscription basis. Users can subscribe to as many utility markets as they desire and results can be provided either through Intelometry’s web-based portal or through a periodic written report. This base service utilizes Intelometry’s proprietary market segments assessed against the most likely utility tariff and a full assessment of anticipated wholesale market costs.

Where is the Service Available?

Intelometry currently provides inMonitor across most deregulated markets in the United States. Specific markets and market segments are continually being updated and expanded as market conditions change.

Can the Service be Customized for My Needs?

Yes. While Intelometry provides inMonitor on a turn-key subscription basis, we also frequently fulfill requests from our customers to customize the service to better fit their specific needs. With Intelometry’s deep experience in retail markets, we can advise our customers on how to best use the underlying data to provide meaningful information for their business. Typical customizations of the service include:

  • Use of a Customer’s Specific Load for Analysis
  • Custom Definition of Market Segments
  • Forecasting Index Based Utility Tariffs
  • Use of a Customer’s Specific Forward Curve Data
  • Detailed Cost Analysis to Support Business Planning