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Data Services

Loss Factors

Loss Factors

Intelometry collects, forecasts and maintains loss factors, unaccounted for energy (UFE) and deration figures for many utilities and their associated ISOs nationwide and makes this data available to Intelometry Loss Factor subscribers. Loss factor outputs include historical data and forward data sets for all utilities.

Loss factors are produced in standardized easy to consume formats that are provided to subscribers in MS Excel. Subscribers can access these outputs directly from the Intelometry inRetail system or via a File Transfer Protocol (FTP). With Intelometry’s Loss Factor Service retail suppliers can rest assured the loss factors utilized to support pricing, forecasting and settlements are always current and accurate.

Loss Factor Collection and Forecasting

Intelometry collects published loss factors for many utilities and their associated ISOs nationwide. In addition Intelometry collects UFE figures for most utilities and deration figures for PJM utilities. Collected loss factors, UFE and deration values are maintained as both historical and forward looking hourly curves, where actual data collected comprises the historical curve and loss factor, UFE and deration forecasts comprise the forward. Intelometry makes all loss factors available for one time purchase or on an ongoing subscription basis.

Loss factor data sets are produced and posted daily utilizing standard formats provided in MS Excel. Customers that utilize Intelometry’s inRetail system to support any retail energy operations can access the loss factors of any utility subscribed to directly from the system. Customers that do not use the inRetail system can access Intelometry loss factors via FTP.

  • Collection of Dynamic and Static Loss Factors for many utilities and their associated ISOs
  • Collection of Posted UFE and Deration Figures for Numerous Utilities
  • Forecasting of Collected Loss Factor, UFE and Deration Data
  • Loss Factors Provided in Standard MS Excel Formats
  • Utilize Intelometry Loss Factors to support Pricing, Load Forecasting and Settlements

Loss Factor Maintenance

Intelometry’s Market Analytics Group (“MAG”) regularly monitors loss factors, UFE and deration for many utilities and their associated ISOs nationwide. Whenever a utility or ISO updates static loss factor, UFE or deration values or changes the frequency, source or methodology associated with dynamic values Intelometry MAG will review the change and revise Intelometry’s internal loss factor update and forecasting methods accordingly. Subscribers to Intelometry’s Loss Factor Service receive a notice whenever a loss factor schema is updated that details the precise nature of the change and how Intelometry loss factor values may be impacted.

Subscribers to Intelometry’s Loss Factor Service can rest assured that the loss factors they utilize for operations will always be up to date and as accurate as possible. Intelometry’s Loss Factor Service eliminates the need for structuring desks to engage in never ending research to stay in step with utility changes.

  • Scheduled Monitoring of Utility Loss Factors, UFE and Deration
  • Timely Updating of Loss Factors, UFE and Deration Values when Revisions Occur
  • Updates to Loss Factor Schemas as Dictated by Utilities or ISOs when Conversions Occur
  • Loss Factor Change Reporting