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Data Services

ISO Data

ISO Data

Independent System Operators (ISOs) across the country post market based, tariff and load data on their websites. Intelometry collects this data on an ongoing basis for many ISOs nationwide, converts this data to easily consumable file formats and makes this data available to Intelometry customers on an as needed basis or subscription based service.

ISO data sets are produced in standardized easy to consume formats that are provided to Intelometry customers in MS Excel. Subscribers to this data can access these outputs directly from the Intelometry inRetail system or via a File Transfer Protocol (FTP). With Intelometry retailer market players can rest assured the data used to support pricing, settlement, billing and related analysis is always up to date and accurate.

ISO Data Collection

ISO data is collected and processed by Intelometry’s Data Analyzer system on a daily basis. This data is converted to hourly, daily and monthly curves that are then made available to Intelometry data customers. Intelometry maintains the full history of all data collected, and the collection process ensures that final settlement values are always captured. Data types collected by Intelometry and made available to Intelometry customers are the following:

  • Real Time and Day Ahead LMP data for hubs, zones and price points
  • Market Based Ancillary Services Market Data
  • Tariff Based Ancillary Services Data
  • Forward Capacity Market Clearing Prices
  • Capacity Obligation Scalars
  • Network Transmission Prices
  • ISO Fees
  • ISO load data